📈Focus Mode

Focus Mode enables traders to trade with multiple wallets, and set trading targets with Auto-Profit taking and stop loss. Use Anti-Rug on projects you are unsure about but want to trade anyways. This will allow the Havoc platform to sell before any honeypot or rug transactions are called.

Making a trade

  1. Select your wallets

  2. Set up trade configuration

  3. Enter Target Contract Address

  4. Enter Amount of $ETH you wish to spend

  5. Toggle ON or OFF Anti-Rug

  6. Execute Buy

Manage your Trade

Manage your open trades easily! Edit Config Allows you to completely edit your open positions by removing or changing stop loss or auto sell ammounts. Close % This allows you to only close a certain portion of your position Stop Bot This will remove that trade from your interface. If removed accidentaly, Claim your tokens from the wallet management portal, this will send your tokens to your main wallet. Sell Tokens This will close your entire position at once

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