🎯For Snipers

Havoc Mode enables you to set up a position before a project goes live, being among the first buys on a live pair.


Dead Block

The amount of blocks that a contract will blacklist before it is safe to buy

Method Snipe

A contract method that uses Enable Trade before going live

LP Snipe

A sniping method that targets the LP pair being created

Finding Contracts

To find newly created contracts, Havoc will be creating its own New Deploy Explorer, But until then, we suggest using Dextools https://www.dextools.io/app/en/ether/pool-explorer

When sniping, always remember that slippage must be adjusted with tax and price impact. On newly launched tokens, sometimes taxes are set higher, and because of such a low market cap, buys create a larger price impact. Settings with higher slippage between 300 and 600 will result in higher confirmed transaction rate. If your slippage isnt quite enough, the dapp will try a few more times slowly increasing slippage. * Non ideal settings will result in a slower entry, or none at all. *

Gas will determine the priority level of your transaction. Meaning if you only use the default settings for gas, your transaction has a lower chance of being confirmed or being first. We recommend a priority level of 5 or greater. For more hyped launches, some people are sniping with gas greater then 100 priority. Base your gas on entry point, If you want to be first try 50 or greater priority. 25 is a good starting point for a mid to fast entry.


Always be aware, some contract owners may try to make snipers sell by faking scam transactions. This is common for newly launched tokens. We will be attempting to mitigate this from happening, but be mindful if this happens to you.

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